Get Creative With Your Needle and Thread!

Posted by Joe Dinsley on

Embroidery is truly fashionable magic. A simple fabric can be transformed to become something special. While it may require some precision and patience, the results are often masterfully crafted works of art that can last for generations. Embroidery adds such stunning beauty and texture to any item - from table runners to t-shirts to handbags or quilts - that it's no surprise that embroidery continues to remain popular. Embroidering beautiful designs truly makes pretty things even prettier, whether you prefer vibrant colours or classic muted hues. The embroidery will make almost anything you do look more complex and interesting, a...

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Introducing my new Embroidery Kits!

Posted by Kimberley Taylor on

I'm so please to announce the launch of my new embroidery kits!  This has been a labour of love for the last few months: designing, testing and testing some more. Being a perfectionist can really slow down the process but I'm so glad I took the extra time because I'm so proud of the results. These unique embroidery kits are printed on cotton in heat disappearing ink which means that once you've embroidered your work of art, you can just carefully use a hair dryer along the surface and the ink will magically disappear.   I started embroidery only a few...

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